New Music : Induja × @DILUBeats – Samawee (සමාවී) Official Music Video

According to his Youtube ‘Samawee’ is the 3rd single from Induja’s 2023 album “It’s All In My Head.” The song

New Music : Bo Sedkid – Man Yanawa මං යනවා (Official Video)

Bo Sedkid is back with this all new single titled ‘Man Yanawa’. Moody and pensive, this is a must check

New Music : Baluwa Athi ‘බැලුව ඇති’ | U-Low (official video)

Rapper U-Low has been on the come up for a while now and his newest, is testament to him showing

New Music : Zany Inzane – Rawatavi As (රවටාවි ඇස්) [Official Music Video]

Rapper Zany Inzane is back with a stellar new single titled ‘Rawatavi’. Trending at number 16 on Youtube at the

New Music : Cheri Cheri Lady | Sandaru Sathsara

It’s not everyday you get a fun, and almost different version of a classic from your dad’s years but here’s

New Music : Shan Putha × Dilu Beats – Ai Man Awe (ඇයි මං ආවේ) | Official Music Video

Released during the weekend comes this all new single by Shan Putha and it’s not like anything we’ve heard from

New Music : Nipuna Fernando ft Tikx Kooda – Paavi (පාවී)

‘Paavi’ the collaba between Nipuna Fernando & Tikz Kooda is out and it sure is a vibe.

New Music : Cornerstone Music Collective – Spirit Sets Me Free

Krishan Maheson has an all new project and it’s called Cornerstone Music Collective. Here’s the first single, a Christian spiritual

New Music : Kuweni the Musical | Duwe | Sakura | Manasick | A Cinematic Musical Experience by Charitha Attalage

Released a day ago comes this all new footage from the Kuweni concert last year of ‘Duwe’ & ‘Sakura’. The

New Music : Bathiya and Santhush – LIFE (Meta Remix)

Released as part of their Meta Series, comes this all new version of one of their biggest hits ‘Life’. Click

New Music : CHIMERIX – LINGO [Official Audio]

Here’s Chimerix like you probably have never heard him before. Here’s him rapping on his all new single titled ‘Lingo’.