New Music : Duava – WATCH THE NEWS. (Official Lyric Video)

Released during the weekend comes this all new single by the very cool Duava! You sure do hear the singer

New Music : Mass Damnation – Disengaged (Official Audio)

The second release for the year by Mass Damnation is here! ‘Disengaged’ is powerful, and equally on par with the

New Music : The Singing Potatoes – Samuganne Maa

Produced by K2 comes the first release off ‘Ala’ by The prolific Singing Potatoes. ‘Ala’ is their debut album which

New Music : Dotdotay – Welikada (Official Audio)

Dotdotay are back! And ‘Welikade’ is a strong comeback! Packed with their signature, but rage driven guitars, powerful lyrics and

New Music : MonaraKudumbiya – Weird Pearl

It’ds been a minute since we’ve seen an A.I. generated music video and Monarakudumbiya delivers. ‘Weird Pearl’ is the Sinhala

New Music : Allannata Ba Ma (අල්ලන්නට බෑ මා) – Hirushi ft. Smokio (Official Music Video)

The official music video for ‘Allannata Ba Ma’ by Hirushi ft rapper Smokio is out and it’s nothing short of

New Music : SANUKA – Susumak (සුසුමක්)

Here’s a weekend release that is just packed with amazing feels! Sanuka’s ‘Susumak’ doesn’t disappoint!

New Music : Duava – TREAD CAREFULLY. (Official Music Video)

Released a few hours ago comes this all new single / music video by the cool kid we know as

New Music : Hasthi – Monsoon Season

Released a few days ago comes rapper Hasthi’s newest single that’s from the heart.’ Monsoon Season’ has some pretty strong

New Music : Dedunna (දේදුන්න) | Ama Jayasinghe ft. Asiri Perera | Official Music Video

Ama Jayasinghe is on the rise this year! Here’s her newest single that’s penned by Asiri Perera and has productions

New Music : Dimi3 Ft. Tashni Perera – O A Hinawe | ඕ ඒ හිනාවේ | (Official Music Video)

Released not too long ago comes an all new collaba by Dimi3 who features a fresh name this time around

New Music : Piyath Rajapakse – Seedevi (සීදේවී) Official Music Video

From the creators of ‘Bandimu suda’ comes another fun, romantic listen and a super fun music video! Packed with Indian