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Stimgata Is Back With An All New Lineup For This Saturday

An all new line up and a whole buncha surprises is what you can expect from Stigmata on Saturday, alongside Sanjeev Niles and Trishira! Before that, get catching up as

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Trishira Is Back, But Why?

Metal band Trishira is back with an change in line up and more gusto than a bandicoot on the loose. Here’s out exclusive with the band before they take stage

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Proud Lions Club : The Exclusive

NFT’s that promote travel by Sri Lankans for us and the rest of the world? Best believe it! The Proud Lions Club is here to stay and they are working

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All You Need To Know About Boom Live!

Boom Live is an all new artist management and talent agency from Lanka founded by Leah Marikkar & Kiran Chandiram. Noted for an incredible roster of artists that include DotDotay,

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Sanka B On Why මේ රට මගේ රට?

Singer & songwriter Sankha B is back with quite a few singles in 2022, and really touching upon realities of the land this year is his brand new single that

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News : Pem Kelula NFT & Hyperglade – The All New NFT Market Place!

Hyperglade is an all new NFT Market place from Sri Lanka for Sri Lankan creators! We caught up with with two awesome members of the team (Kalana & Malnda) to

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News : Abyss To Take Stage @ A Fitful Of Steel On Saturday!

It’s official! Abyss will be taking stage at ‘A Fistful Of Steel’ and here’s all you need to know about it!

News : Paranoid Earthling Set To Play @ Fistful Of Steel!

Here’s a band we cant wait to be seeing at a Fistul Of Steel that’s on this 2nd of April! Here’s all you need to know and more!

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News : Stigmata To Perform After A Hiatus

It’s official! Stigmata will be taking stage after a hiatus caused by the pandemic! The gig – Unchained Melody, will be on this Saturday and here’s all you need to

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News : Mass Damnation To Perform @ A Fistful Of Steel This April

A Fistful Of Steel is THE metal gig this April and the first band to win the first Wacken Metal Battle : Sri Lanka will be taking stage. We caught