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Nefertem Is Back Too!

Metal band Nefetem is back after a hiatus and we had to catch up with them on a one to one on them coming back, their set at MSR and

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Dj Senter Exclusive

The Dj Senter established early this year has been doing some amazing work in the island. From providing industry quality training for upcoming Djs to creating a mushrooming community. We

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The Poets Of Sri Lanka – Isurinie Mallawaarachchi

We’ve kicked off an all new series! Titled ‘The Poets Of Sri Lanka’, we aim to bring the spotlight on some of the island’s emerging and known poets. We feature

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Sevexth Is Back

Avante-garde metal band Sevexth is back with a brand new line up and will be taking stage at Mosh Scream Rock on the 1st of October. Get with the interview

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La Foresta Exclusive

Sri Lanka has seen its share of amazing gig series, from Booka Booka to Underground Therapy and in 2022 – La Foresta! From it’s inception early this year till event

Harith Has An All New Music Video Coming Out!

The first winner of The Voice Sri Lanka (adults) Harith Wijerathe has announced that he will be dropping his debut music video / single sometime this month and here’s that

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Pem Kekula Tour Exclusive

It’s official! Dj Mass, Romaine Willis & Apzi will be embarking soon on the Australian leg of the ‘Pem Kekula’ tour and here’s that exclusive!

Dimi3 On The Pem Kekula Tour, Tinkiri And More

The prolific Dimi3 sat down with us for an exclusive on him performing at the 1st LankanLand anniversary (Pem Kekula Tour), his newest collaba ‘Tinkiri’ and more!

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Stimgata Is Back With An All New Lineup For This Saturday

An all new line up and a whole buncha surprises is what you can expect from Stigmata on Saturday, alongside Sanjeev Niles and Trishira! Before that, get catching up as

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Trishira Is Back, But Why?

Metal band Trishira is back with an change in line up and more gusto than a bandicoot on the loose. Here’s out exclusive with the band before they take stage