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Exclusive : IslandSound & Arachchi

Islandsound kicked off operations not too long ago this year and have steadily become a name that has churned out mighty good productions. From Irshad’s hit single ‘The 5th House’,

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Exclusive : Ambroz On His Album ‘Bring Me Some Kiribath’

Dj Producer Ambroz dropped his all new debut album not too long ago, and here he is with the exclusive scoop on it and a little more!

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Exclusive : DotDotay

This awesome 4 piece band from Colombo known for their mad live sets and their single ‘Gamaralata Kotuwak Thibuna’ have their first independent gig organized on Saturday. We caught up

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Exclusive : Tenny & Duleep On Their Collaba ‘Feel Not Think’

Released yesterday was an all new collaba by two amazing guitarists from the island – Duleep & Tenny. Here’s your exclusive on how it went down and more

Exclusive : The Odyssey On Their Single Funeral In Heaven & More

The Odyssey band is back with an all new line up and are gearing up for their single release this weekend. Here’s deets on the all new version of ‘Funeral

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Exclusive : Ethan Clark & Emiliya Kemmy

Rapper Ethan Clark is back with his all new collaba with a fresh voice from Ukraine – Emiliya Kemmy. ‘Colombo’ got its official video release last Friday and here’s our

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Exclusive : Anu Madhubhashinie On Her First English Single ‘In To The Rhythm”

Anu Madhubhashinie dropped her very first English sing;e / ,usic video not too long ago and here’s her with all you need to know about it.

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Exclusive : Rapper Kao$ On His Newest Single!

Rapper Kao$ released his all new single “When I Leave’ on Sunday and here he is with the exclusive scoop.

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Exclusive : C Chain On Shot 2

Rapper C Chain just dropped an all new single on Friday titled ‘Shot 2’, and we had to catch up with this talented 20 something year old on the single

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Exclusive : Jude Suranga

Jude Suranga is a name to be watching out for from the island’s music scene! Having released his debut Sinhala effort just last week, this Dubai based lankan is slowly