Why Is Roleplay In Sri Lanka Dying?

Why Is Roleplay In Sri Lanka Dying?

GTA RP, a name that was brought forward by a lot of island streamers in May this year had it’s peak with almost half the gaming community either interested in taking part in RP or watching RP, but come November and December, we have seen a sudden decline in the numbers from most servers.

We talked to a few experienced role-players who are known within the RP community but will not be mentioned here.

“There are too many servers”
“GTA RP in SL is just cops vs Robbers online, nothing else”
“when there’s too much of a good thing, it becomes bad”

All of which is true. Ever since the first GTA RP server in SL was created SLKCRP, people were mesmerized by the infinite capabilities in this game. Then came CCRP, another one of the first roleplay servers in SL that actually got a huge player base, but with time when players didn’t agree with the admins or the management teams of the servers, they would up and leave and start off their own servers. Therefore dividing the 1000+ crowd within about 40 servers, this got really bad when people started DDOSing other servers to get people to their own servers & sometimes the admins would be really bad that the players got tired of them and would create their own thing.

The other problem here is GTA RP in SL is just cops vs robbers, nothing else. In most cases, true this could be due to the fact that most players want to experience something that they can’t in real life, if you take international servers for example, Eclipse or Nopixel, the economy is managed in a way where a criminal role player would have to interact with non criminal players to clean the dirty money, in SL servers no such thing exists. The need for a civilian RP is not as needed thereby all players become criminals, which in a way is annoying because there aren’t any other RPs that would be created.

In Conclusion RP in SL is dying, the only way to salvage this dying community is for either the server admins of all servers to put aside their egos and make one big server for the RP community or just let it die.

Article by ElderDrake

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