Colombo City Roleplay: No Pixel in Sri Lanka?

Colombo City Roleplay: No Pixel in Sri Lanka?

Back when No Pixel was released in January, a lot of Sri Lankan’s were thinking ‘when are we going to get a server like this in Sri Lanka‘?

Well the time is finally here because a server very very similar to No Pixel has finally been released!

Colombo City Roleplay 2.0. – The new and revamped server features an all new way of interaction using the third eye, new legal and illegal jobs, AND what sets them apart from most Sri Lankan servers is the new business in the city system. Every whitelisted and non whitelisted job is a business where you have to work your way to the top and once you become the boss of a certain business, you will be rolling in cash. With very active staff and a dedicated team of developers, the server has seen the some of the best Role players in South Asia playing on it. Of course events, such as the Colombo Motor Show always finds a way to make a return on this server.

The newest feature on the server was the drive in Cinema at Vespucci. Tom and Jerry, was the first movie that was shown in this brand new drive in cinema.

Old characters (players roleplaying) such as AJ willis, Devin Walker did make a return with a mix of new characters as well.

The devs keep adding new updates every week for players to enjoy and experience when talking to the server admins their comment on their server was that they want to make the server as immersive and as enjoyable as possible.

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