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New Music : Duava – WATCH THE NEWS. (Official Lyric Video)

Released during the weekend comes this all new single by the very cool Duava! You sure do hear the singer take on some rapping which is a rarity and we

New Music : Mass Damnation – Disengaged (Official Audio)

The second release for the year by Mass Damnation is here! ‘Disengaged’ is powerful, and equally on par with the band’s previous releases. The single is mixed by Ashane Silva

New Music : The Singing Potatoes – Samuganne Maa

Produced by K2 comes the first release off ‘Ala’ by The prolific Singing Potatoes. ‘Ala’ is their debut album which we believe is yet to have a release date and

New Music : Dotdotay – Welikada (Official Audio)

Dotdotay are back! And ‘Welikade’ is a strong comeback! Packed with their signature, but rage driven guitars, powerful lyrics and man, this is the kind of Sinhala rock you deserve

New Music : MonaraKudumbiya – Weird Pearl

It’ds been a minute since we’ve seen an A.I. generated music video and Monarakudumbiya delivers. ‘Weird Pearl’ is the Sinhala Rock we deserve to be hearing in 2024. Powerful lyrics

New Music : Allannata Ba Ma (අල්ලන්නට බෑ මා) – Hirushi ft. Smokio (Official Music Video)

The official music video for ‘Allannata Ba Ma’ by Hirushi ft rapper Smokio is out and it’s nothing short of the excellence Hasinth Pathirana and his hand picked team bring

New Music : SANUKA – Susumak (සුසුමක්)

Here’s a weekend release that is just packed with amazing feels! Sanuka’s ‘Susumak’ doesn’t disappoint!

New Music : Duava – TREAD CAREFULLY. (Official Music Video)

Released a few hours ago comes this all new single / music video by the cool kid we know as Duava. On ‘Thread Carefully’ he raps and this isn’t something

New Music : Hasthi – Monsoon Season

Released a few days ago comes rapper Hasthi’s newest single that’s from the heart.’ Monsoon Season’ has some pretty strong truths in it!

New Music : Dedunna (දේදුන්න) | Ama Jayasinghe ft. Asiri Perera | Official Music Video

Ama Jayasinghe is on the rise this year! Here’s her newest single that’s penned by Asiri Perera and has productions by Mugunthen. From the heart and packed with major feels,