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News : ‘My Room’ Hits Number 1 On The YES Home Grown Top 15!

It’s official! The countdown has a all new number 1 and it’s by Dilan Jay. ‘My Room’, that down tempo, sexy single makes the climb to that big daddy top

News : Dilan Jay Completes 4 Straight Weeks At Number 1!

It’s not every week that you get to hear about a run of 4 straight weeks on top of a countdown but when you do, you know the single is

New Music : Its 3 Straight Weeks At Number 1 For Dilan Jay!

It’s officially 3 straight weeks for Dilan Jay with his single ‘Glad I Came Out Tonight’ on the YES Home Grown Top 15! The hit single is the most played

News : Baila Curry & Joel John Stay @ Number 1 For 3 Weeks!

It’s official! Spending three straight weeks at number 1 on the YES Home Grown Top 15 is none other than Baila Curry & Joel John’s collaba, ‘Take Me Back’. The

News : Dilan Jay Spends Week 2 At Number 1!

Yesterday night saw Dilan Jay’s massive single ‘All My Love’ stay at number 1 for a second week on the YES Home Grown Top 15. Here’s the single in case

News : BabeOnDaBeat & Josh Hit A Record Of 5 Weeks!

And that’s 5 straight weeks at number 1 on the YES Home Grown Top 15! This is a record for the producer & dj & of course, fresher Josh. Here’s

News : BabeOnDaBeat & Josh Hit Number 1!

BabeOnDaBeat officially sees a second number 1 on the yes home grown top 15 as ‘Reach Ya’, his collaba with Josh hit number 1 on the countdown last night! Here’s

News : Romaine Willis Gets Back At Number 1!

The former queen of number 1 makes her climb back with week with ‘Milk & Sugar’, her solo studio release. Not familiar with the single? Check it out Here’s the

News : Unscripted Stays At Number 1 On The YES Home Grown Top 15!

Another week, another number 1 is the all new mantra for Unscripted by the looks of it as they’ve had such an amazing years of number 1s, including their all

News : Atton Sticks Tight To Number 1 For A 5th Week!

It’s a collective of 5 weeks on top of the YES Home Grown for singer Atton who recently had a pic of him and Lakshane on his insta stories. Not