Decibel Exclusive : Destroy And Discard

Decibel Exclusive : Destroy And Discard

It was a few days ago that metal band Destroy & Discard released their 2nd single and we caught up with Dilshan Amarasinghe  to find out what’s going on in their camp.



photo credits: Yohan Siriwardena

DecibelLK: Do spill about your new single

Dilshan: It has been sometime since we composed this single but we could not get it recorded as we were busy with studies and work. After exactly 3 years of silence, we managed to unveil the second single of the upcoming EP. This single is titled “Inhuman” and with this original, we’ve tried to explore new directions, musically and lyrically.

“Inhuman” is faster and heavier.

DecibelLK: Does the release of your new single mean an album or an ep in the future?
Dilshan: We are planning on releasing our debut EP before this year ends. The EP consists of 4 tracks and as soon as we find some free time, we are going to get the other 2 originals recorded and drop the EP.

DecibelLK: We haven’t seen much of your band take stage of late, why and would you be in the near future?
Dilshan: We have missed a couple of gigs as we have been working on the EP, but we are almost done now. In fact, we will be performing at Mosh Scream Rock IX this Saturday in Negombo.

If you haven’t checked out their 2nd studio effort Sri Lanka, here it is for ya!

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