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New Music : Dr Green – Kolombian Nights (Vishnu (LK) Remix)

Released thru BC2 Records comes this all remix of Dr Green’s Kolombian Nights by Vishnu. Punchy bass and just the right amount of oomph! This is some seriously good stuff!

New Music : Romeo Juliet (රෝමියෝ ජුලියට්) | YAKA x @DKM Official ft. @Jay Princce

Here’s a weekend release that not a lot of people were expecting. Laid back and full of the feels, this bi-lingual single is by producer YAKA, singer DKM and rapper

New Series : Hathey Hatha (හතේ හත) – Mandaaram Kathawe (මන්දාරම් කතාවේ) – Anushka Udana – Episode3

Released on the 1st of June is the 3rd episode of ‘Hathey Hatha’ that features one half of Wasthi – Anushka Udana, like never heard before. Laid back and packed

New Music : Sthuthi (ස්තුතීයී) Part.02 – Big Doggy | Live in Dubai

Here’s another awesome weekend release. This time around it’s by veteran rapper Big Doggy and here’s his video for Sthuthi Part .02, packed with moments of his performance in Dubai.

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For Kicks : Cmb CruZz – Ketamine Aliens Showcase! (LIVE SET)

It’s not everyday that Sri Lanka and the world gets to hear and see Dj & Producer CMB CruZz in action, but when you do..it’s as good as this epic

New Music : Ceylonkaar Music Video | சிலோன்கார் | සිලෝන් කාරයා | Arivu & The AMBASSA Band

Released on the 18th of the month comes this all new single by Arivu & The Ambassa Band. Fun and packed with some very serious lyrics, this single is made

New Music : Aadhiraiyan (Official Music Video) | RAPTOWN RECORDS | JAY DC Feat. Sudarshan Arumugam

Raptown Records has an all new release by Jay DC featuring Sudarshan Arumugam. Released on the 27th of March this is a must check out!

New Music : Sanjeewa Weliwatta – Nidahase (Official Music Video)

Here’s an interesting all new release by singer Sanjeewa Weliwatta titled ‘Nidahase’. Strong lyrics against a bed of feel good electronica, this sure is one of those tracks that gets

New Music : Dimi3 – Ramya No 1 (රම්‍ය නො 1) Official Music Video

Here’s a song we missed out on reporting but here it is! Rapper Dimi3 is back with this all new single that’s fun and just the good stuff. Titled Ramy

New Music : RJ | ඒකි එහෙම නෑ | Eki Ehena Na (Official Video)

Rj is an all new rapper from the island and here’s his debut single / music video. Titled ‘Eki Ehena Na’, this single is written by Shanthi Sri & RJ