The Batterii – ‘Awasara Illami’

The Batterii – ‘Awasara Illami’

Here’s another awesome single that dropped during the weekend and we think this is some brilliantly produced stuff you need to be checking out by The Batterii, who are now operating from the land down under.

DecibelLk: About ‘Awasara Illami’

Shehan (Baterri): The song was written by Nekitha De silva and my sister. Why we spoke of this side of the relationship was because back in Lanka, all the guys are talking about break ups and the sad side of love and the others were concentrating on getting someone to undress in their videos to get more views on social media. In a way it’s sad, the reason to re launch The Batterii in Melbourne was because of the Sri Lankan population living over there, to represent them and to speak of what we experience from the land down under. As musicians we always had the dream of taking music internationally and appreciate all the artists who are working within Sri Lanka and doing that from home itself. I think we as a band from Melbourne have a slight upper hand to try and take our roots and our music internationally and will start on our English music soon from Melbourne. Finally talking about ‘Awasara Illami’ it was a pleasure to meet this new family through this song, the 6 members who met as individuals are getting closer as family and are understanding each other musically. We hope to do few gigs In Australia with some renowned names from Sri Lanka soon.

DecibelLk: Why collaborate with The Batterii?

SunJ: Well, Shehan wanted to re-launch the band in Australia as he is soon to be living here. He had this discussion with me for some time and even I’m not 100% sure whether I will be staying here for so long. He wanted to get the audio n video done to get going. Also all of the other band members -Imasha, Chandeepa, Praveen and Ryan are staying in Melbourne. After checking the lyrics & the melody I fell in love with it and as I’ve seen how talented Imasha & Chandeepa are, I really thought it would be an amazing collaboration.

DecibelLk: What’s next for you?

SunJ: What’s next for me? ….I have just finished the video shooting for my next single “Keti Jeevitha Kale” (Life is too short) in Melbourne with the same person who did my very first music video “Heroes” (which won the Best Patriotic Video Award @ The Derana Music Awards) Duminda Sanjeewa. The song addresses more current issues we got as humans and I’m trying to remind people that this life is not all about money, fame, power and luxury. There is so much that we are missing out on just cuz of the busy lives we got, etc

The melody and lyrics are done by me and Chathura Masinha, music as usual is by my buddy Ken Lappen. This is gonna be my first Reggae track and im excited. Planning to launch it by end of October.

But that’s not all! The biggest project, “Sudu Mandaakini” will be the 3rd music video for this year with the director who did my “Diamond girl” video, Dileepa Solangarachchi. Work will be starting in the middle of this month. The concept of this song will be so different to what we see day to day in Sri lankan music industry and will be launched by the end of this year or at the beginning of 2018 as a big backing for my Album Launch which is going to happen in the middle of 2018.

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