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New Music : Puff Puff Pass – Dylan Perera with Aro & Chunky

Jammin Sessions is back and this time around with Dylan Perera, together with Aro and Chunky to bring you a chilled out, stripped down take of ‘Puff Puff Pass’, a

New Music : Dylan Perera – 9 Crimes ( Damien Rice Tribute )

Another take has been dropped to this all new series by Dylan Perera. Here’s his feels packed take of ‘9 Crimes’ by Damien Rice.

New Music : Dylan Perera Ft Roshan – It Takes A Lot To Know A Man ( Damien Rice Tribute )

His second release from his all new series of acoustic covers is here and it’s a soul pulling take of Damien Rice’s classic ‘It Takes A Lot To Know A

New Music : Dylan Perera – Gravedigger (Dave Matthews Band tribute)

Singer & songwriter Dylan Perera is back with an all new take and this time around its ‘Gravedigger’ by Dave Matthews. Packed with some serious feels, this one is a

New Music : Puff Puff Pass (Acoustic ) – Dylan Perera (Official Music Video)

The video to Dylan Perera’s radio hit from the 2010’s finally gets it music video. The former Local Licks hit ‘Puff Puff Pass’ is Dylan’s debut solo single after the

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Dylan Perera Announces New Ep

Singer, songwriter Dylan Perera (ex Spleen Saint) recently announced deets to an all new solo Ep. Get the exclusive scoop in this one to one interview with the fella.

Dylan Perera Is Back, Drops More Covers Than You Can Count

You would have come across quite a few covers on your newsfeed by singer/songwriter Dylan Perera in the recent past. Is he going to be putting out originals again? we

Colombo Design Market – Acoustic Selection: Dec 2014

We think this is good timing as the next CDM happens this weekend but before that, here’s a sonic recap of what you missed out on last time, also they

Dylan Perera – Pass

Who is Dylan Perera? Former Spleen Saint guy What the hell is this song? Let’s just say it takes a few good spliffs and cheating to write a song like