Nisho Fernando

Nisho Fernando

Nisho Fernando is a more than just a producer, a senior musician in his own right, he’s been a sorta silent figure in the home music scene contributing in the recent past mainly by his productions. Ladies and Gentlemen, this guy right here deserves more than a bottle of brandy for his work and you are gonna find out why in case you were clueless all this time.

nisho new 2

YY: You started off as a member of a few heavy metal groups, how did the transition happen to being a producer?

Nisho: From the age of 16 I started playing with Soul Skinner (my 1st band) and then moved on to play with a few more -Stigmata, Taunt & Whirlwind, after which I returned to Soul Skinner a few years later. It’s at this time that I, with the help of Mr. Chanaka aka Chunki got in to music production and began to record our own music. We have recorded and played all genres of music.

It is then where I took a particular liking to electronic music and from there on I started solely producing electronic tracks.

YY: What’s your software of choice and why?

Nisho: I love working with Abelton, I used to work with Cubase, Reason & Protools but ut once I tried Abelton, I found it really comfortable and the layout easy to work.


YY: Favourite plug ins?

Nisho: I am a fan of Izotope and spectrasonics plug –ins, I would give any new plug-ins a try as well.


YY: Being one half of Nisho & Zilwa– what’s that like?

Nisho: I would say Nisho & Zilwa was the beginning for me in the electronic music scene and am very grateful to Mr. Nigel De Zilwa for taking me to the next level in the music scene cuz before i met Nigel, I used to make music for myself and my friends, not knowing how to get my music out there and when i met Nigel we started exchanging ideas and started working on a few tracks for our projects (Trout on House & Nisho and Zilwa). Nigel got us singed under an international record label (Sentio) and I’m very thankful for that push, to get us out there so that we could continue to keep doing what we love.


YY: You come across as a pretty versatile producer even taking on hip hop & rap, what would you say is the hardest genre and why?

Nisho: I wouldn’t say it’s hard. Being a metal head all this time and then jumping in to electronic, I never tried too much of hip hop and rap as I don’t listen to much of it, I wouldn’t say it’s hard but it’s just not my style of music. But If I have to give it a shot I wouldn’t decline.


YY: What has been the most fulfilling moment in your time in the music scene?

Nisho: There are many special moments I guess number 1 would be the first time I got on stage with Soul Skinner when I was 16. Following that, I would say the release of my music on an international record label. Last but not least, I would say to simple pleasures in life, playing my own music at gigs (private parties, etc).


YY: Feel free to tell us about your studio and your specialities

Nisho: I currently work for a production house called X10 Productions as a sound engineer and a music producer. I specialise in TV commercials, music and radio productions. The management (Mr. Chanadana, Mr. Tanesh & Mr. Prasanna) have been very helpful in giving me full freedom to utilize the studio for all my productions


YY: What are the 3 do’s and don’ts of being a producer?

Nisho: The 3 Do’s

1)   Compose your own songs.

2)   Learn an instrument.

3)   Collaborate with other music producers.

The 3 Don’t’s

1) Don’t use an auto tuner. heh

2) Dont diss other music genres or artist’s.

3) Dont be lazy.


YY: What is your opinion on the music scene overall as a producer?

Nisho: The music scene has excelled in all types of music. There so many producers, bands and even DJ’s coming out by making their own music. The only disappointing part to this is, there are bands dissing other bands, DJ’s dissing upcoming Djs on their talents and type of equipment they use. Other than the above mentioned points, I think the music scene has improved in so many ways, like artist’s being able to get their music played on radio more often now than so many years back, so many new types music that come out and so many helping each other, its great and encouraging to see such improvements.


YY: Where did you learn music productions?

Nisho: I am self-taught – I study tutorials online as well as gained knowledge by a few friends who were willing to share. There was so much to learn!Being a musician helped a lot plus I picked up so much by all the jamming and playing so many gigs with different styles of music.


YY: Who are some of the artists who are easy to work with and the craziest?

Nisho: Every artist I play or work with are great, all of them know who they are. And for crazy, I am just surrounded by crazy! Ha ha.


YY: If you ever had a ‘spill all’sorta book, what would it be called?

Nisho: I wouldn’t publish such a book. Hehe…


YY: Golden words of advice?

Nisho: Keep making music and do what you love and lend a helping hand to your fellow colleagues in any way you can.


Notable Productions:


Fly DigitalLabel

Trout on House – Fish & Chips EP (Fish & Chips, Get With The Scene, When In Doubt, Trout)

trout on house


Trout on House- Something Smells Fishy EP (Awaken To Your Smile, Sprats, Struttin Your Stuff)

something smells



Nisho &Zilwa- Perpetual Motion EP-(Perpetual Motion, Sex machine, Twist & Shout)



Nisho & Zilwa – Transition EP  (Circus Freak, Deep Disturbance)




Spirited Records

PsyberdynePump into the VeinEP  (Pump into the Vein, Beyond Yourself, Deep into Darkness)



Jambutek Recordings

Nisho – Pigeon Party EP (Pigeon Party, Steamboat)





In The Company of Clowns –

Mor~tis EP – Gene Stark (Remix – Nisho)





Co-produced – Huzni ft Sash – Perfect





Wanna get in touch?


Sound Cloud










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