Nagaara Have A New Mashup Dropping Today!

Nagaara Have A New Mashup Dropping Today!

After the release of their debut, a brillaintly executed take of that BnS classic ‘Siri SangaBodhi’ 

The group is going to be dropping a massive mashup today @ 5 on their official FB page and here’s front man Ravi with the spills!

DecibelLK: Tell us about your latest which is to drop soon?

Ravi : As a team with specialized musical talents and preferences on various genres, we are supposed to have jamming sessions whenever we are free enough. During a jamming session, we caught up with this well-known Noorthi song “Gambhira Thedathi” which is originally sung by Mr. Nissanka Diddeniya from the Stage drama “Konsthan Theenupure”. We were able to mashup it with different singing styles and genres. We hope this mashup will go viral as well as our previous cover of Siri Sangabodhi!


DecibelLk: For those that don’t know about Nagaaraa, would you like to give em an intro?

Ravi: We are proud enough to be called as Sri Lanka’s first ever contemporary folk-rock band. As a team, we are on the track to fulfill our goals and achievements which is to bring up Sri Lanka’s music to a whole new level, also to reach our pathways to be internationally recognized with the touch of our traditional music genres. It is our responsibility to renovate and develop our music field with good preferences and capabilities as the new generation of our country. Therefore, we are highly concerned about our responsibilities. In conclusion, our whole team is thankful to all the people who helped us to reach this level and it is a promise from “Nagaaraa” that we’ll provide good music to the country and to make our country shine bright internationally.


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