Imaad Majeed Vs Larry T Hill This Thusday

Imaad Majeed Vs Larry T Hill This Thusday

And we blame this on The YES Home Grown Top 15 cuz a few months ago when Larry was on the show, Imaad did call the live loop artist a bit of things and that led to Larry officially calling out a rap battle but nothing transpired till Imaad got on the show last week and had a dose of verbal “beats” from Larry. Imaad then took up the challenge for battle and now its even got its own date, time n place – this Thuirsday @ The Inn On The Green, 8 pm onwards…can someone please record this for us?


The YES Home Grown Top 15 with Yazmin Yousuf…it’s responsible for starting a few things and this is one of em 😛



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