Happy Cake Day To Kasun Nawarathne

even though he’s been in the underground metal scene for a little over half a decade, he IS one of the youngest (23) and most talented guitarist, drummer (he knows to play more instruments than anyone else we reckon) and how can we forget, a gifted producer! a mastermind behind the production work that went into quite a few renowned EPs (Guilty Conscience Deletion By Spleen Saint, Astral Mantras Of Dyslexia: The Split EP Between Plecto Aliquem Capite & Funeral In Heaven, Atrocities (EP) By Plecto Aliquem Capite & Devanation Monumentemples By Genocide Shrines). He has also produced tracks for Chinthika Ranaweera and also contributed in the “Karma” movie soundtrack. Mad respect to your Sir, for your amazing work and dedication towards the scene! Have the best birthday ever!


photo credits: Yohan Siriwardena
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