Decibel Exclsuive : Ruwanga

Decibel Exclsuive : Ruwanga

Ruwanga first caught out attention 4 years ago when he released his Moombathon, Reggae, Reggaeton mixtape #BACKin20 Vol.1 and fast forward to 2017, he’s been garnering some attention the motherland after he dropped two of his efforts from the soundtrack of that Netflix movie #RealityHigh on the YES Home Grown Top 15 last week. We caught up with him to find out what’s good.

DecibelLK: Tell us about you the Lankan, the musician & producer

Ruwanga: I’m from Moratuwa and I lived there till I was about 12 years old. I went to St. Peters for a while in Sri Lanka. Then my parents moved to LA after a brief stay in Dubai. I decided to be a full-time music producer, songwriter at the age of 18… over a decade later, I’m living out my dreams.

DecibelLk: What are you into musically and do you let other sounds influence you?

Ruwanga: I’m into variety of music. I let music be a time capsule of my life, as my life evolves so does my music taste. I do believe we have the best music available to us now than ever before. So many amazing artists with different flavors.

I do let different sounds and events influence me for sure. I’m always looking for inspiration.

DecibelLk: We’ve known you in the past thru your mixtape #BACKin20 Vol. I, do spill about some other projects that you’ve done

Ruwanga: I’ve worked on over 30 movies, each of them are special to me in it’s own way. I think I’m proud of the newest movie that came out, Netflix’s Original Movie #RealityHigh. This was the first project I was able to be the “Executive Music Producer” and help shape up the overall tone of the movie.

Fun Fact : He is also part of the Fast Five soundtrack as a composer: additional music / source IMDB

Sail Away’ off the ost #realityhigh

DecibelLk: Your choice of DAW?

Ruwanga: I’ve only worked on Pro Tools my entire career.

DecibelLk: You recently had a few singles on Reality High by Netflix, how did that happen?

Ruwanga: I was able to co-score it and write/ produce over 30 songs for #RealityHigh. This movie became the most streamed movie on Netflix for the first week and response to the music have been great.

I worked on our director’s, Fernando Lebrija, last movie titled “Sundown”. So he met with me before he started this movie and we spoke about musical direction/ tone & his vision… about 6 months later we had a Netflix hit.

check out more of Ruwanga’s work on the ost

DecibelLk: What can we expect from you in the future?

Ruwanga: I will continue to work hard/smart as I want to become one of the biggest music producers in the world.

DecibelLk: have you had a chance to check out music from lanka and if you have who would you say are some producers/bands or acts that have gotten your attention?

Ruwanga: Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to dive into too much Sri Lankan music. Iraj is a friend of mine, so most of the music I hear from Sri Lanka is through him. But I’d love to hear some art from the island. Maybe you can put me on some new acts.


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