Day 3 Of Down Town Pulse

Day 3 Of Down Town Pulse

The final day saw spectacular poetry combined with riveting performance art by Kumari Kumaragamage

But that’s not all, there’s Surangana Kathawak too which ended on an intensive note.

YES Home Grown Award Winners – Wagon Park kicked off the performances for Day 3

Rebel Exodus are more than just another band that are about 2 genres – social change yo!

And closing the 3 days of awesomeness was Wakhan Thanka but before they took the stage, they were part of Omali’s performance art

They even dropped their latest ‘Sinhaley’ at the end of the set 

*sorry we ran out of recording space =( 

It’s been an incredible 3 day art & music intense experience and here’s to another year of Down Town Pulse!


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