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News : There’s A New Metal / Rock Gig Series!

It’s official, there’s a new Rock & Metal gig series in the country called Rockclusive and it’s spearheaded by members of the Sri Metal band, Whirlwind. Here’s all you need

New Music : Rawberry – Vidushaan | Official Music Video

Laid back and packed with romantic vibes comes this all new Tamil single by Vishushaan. The single’s music arrangements is by Vibes of dhroga, is mixed and mastered by Azim

News : BIG Doggyx Pop Punk- Kasi Panam (කාසි පනම්) Official Music Trailer

By the sounds of it, this is gonna be one heck of a fun collaba by the duo Pop Punk featuring veteran rapper, Big Doggy! Here’s your first sneak peak

News : Women’s Film Festival 2023!

Organized by the CGEE Open University of Sri Lanka, the Women’s Film Festival is on today, and here’s deets!

New Music : NOIYSE PROJECT – Not In My Road [Till The Sunrise]

The 10th of April saw this all new progressive house release by one of the biggest names from the progressive underground scene of Sri Lanka – The brilliant Noiyse Project!

New Music : Sri Lanka Matha as performed by Sankha B

Here’s another Friday release that sure does hit super hard in the feels. Its singer, songwriter and performer Sankhab with his acoustic and feels packed take of Sri Lanka’s National

New Music : Kiri Kodu Hithata (Live Cover) – Bathiya Jayakody x Kanchana Anuradhi

Released a few days ago comes this super dreamy take of the BnS classic by the B in BnS, Bathiya and the single features one of the biggest names in

New Music : Ryo Hera – Arumosum

Released a few days ago comes this stellar single by rapper Ryo Hera and it’s nothing like we’ve seen him undertake. Powerful, pensive and just the good stuff, we hear

New Music : Chineta ennada colombo balanna | චීනෙට එන්නද කොළඹ බලන්න #reggaemusic #reggaevibe රිලව් චීනයට

Guitarist / singer Dileep Mann is back with this all new single that’s inspired by the recent news of Sri Lanka sending 100,000 moneys to China to be placed in

New Music : Dhishti – මරණාශෘති (Maranashruti)

The long awaited announcement is here! Sri Lanka’s very own atmospheric depressive black metal band Dhishti, finally gets to see their debut album out on May 19th thru Satanath Records,