Online eSports Showdown Ends With Alpha eSports Bagging The Overall Championship

Online eSports Showdown Ends With Alpha eSports Bagging The Overall Championship

Feel like you missed out on the biggest eSports in the Calendar? Don’t worry because after this article you will have info of everything that went down in the Online eSports showdown.

With a plethora of titles including mobile games came online eSports Showdown. All of the biggest clans sent their best cyber athletes to compete in this coveted championship. Coming into the Championship, Phoenix Gaming and Noob Alliance were fan favorites to win it all. But Wolfgang eSports, Techmorph and Maximum eSports were also strong contenders for the overall Championship.

No one really paid any attention to the Underdogs such as Alpha eSports, but in a post that surprised almost everyone, Alpha eSports were crowned overall champions. The controversy here being Alpha eSports only has four medals from mobile titles to their name, while Phoenix Gaming and Noob Alliance has 7 medals & 4 medals respectively. Many experts in the eSports scene were baffled as to how this happened. Here’s how The participants for every title from the organizations were also calculated.

Alpha eSports have been crowned as champions, and here are the rest of the clans and their winnings.

>Alpha Esports – Winner of Free Fire & PUBGM, 1st runner up & 2nd runner up of Free Fire

>Noob Alliance – Winner of LoL & CODM, 1st runner up of FIFA 21 & PUBGM

>Phoenix GaminG – Winner of Clash Royale & FIFA 21, 1st runner up of LoL, 2nd runner up of LoL, MLBB, Clash Royale & FIFA 21

>Maximum eSports – Winner of COD4, 1st runner up of Valorant, Clash Royale & CODM, 2nd runner up of COD4

>Wolfgang e-Sports – Winner of Valorant, 1st runner up of MLBB, 2nd runner up of Dota 2, CODM & PUBGM

>Tech Morph – Winner of MLBB, 1st runner up of COD4, 2nd runner up of R6

>Legion eSports – 1st runner up of Dota 2

>Union Gaming – 1st runner up of R6

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