Phoenix GaminG’s Hydra Hits Diamond For The Third Consecutive Season!

Phoenix GaminG’s Hydra Hits Diamond For The Third Consecutive Season!

League Of Legends has to be one of the most competitive game in the world, with over 115 Million Players all over the globe. Climbing the ranks can be bit of challenge with that one yasuo that went 0/15 in 10 minutes. In Sri Lanka, getting to the highest Rank which is challenger can be a little tough thanks to high ping.

So the Highest Rank reached by a player in Sri Lanka is Diamond 1. This was achieved by none other than our player highlight of the week :  Manusha “Hydra” Lakshan.

Manusha found his success in eSports back in 2018 as the captain of the champion team in the Inter-School eSports Championship. He is the younger sibling of Veteran League Of Legends player, Iruka “Raiden” Lakshan

Hydra was recruited by Phoenix gaming to be the starting top laner for “Team Deiyo”, and they went on to beat then Champions Team, Lanka Lions in 2019 in the semi finals of a LAN event.

Come 2020, Hydra peaked At Diamond 1, failing three times in the Master Promotional matches. But this didn’t stop him from adding more local titles to his belt. Now In 2021, Hydra is the mid laner of the feared Team Black from Phoenix GaminG. His Kassadin is feared throughout the local League Of Legends Community, pretty much getting banned at every tournament match.

But this doesn’t stop Hydra from decimating his opponents in tournaments with his other pocket picks such as Camille, Irelia, Leblanc, Vladimir and Fizz. After the conclusion of respawn 2021, Hydra established himself as the best midlaner in Sri Lanka,

After the tournament, Hydra focused on Solo Queue where he achieved the Diamond Rank with a little help from his Jungler Ashen “Shyboy” Semithu.

We had the opportunity to watch a few of his games from Solo Queue where he pretty much demolishes his opponents thanks to his OTP Kassadin, thereby claiming the title of

The Best Kassadin in Sri Lanka!

We will have our eyes on Hydras solo queue climb and hope that he becomes the first Master tier player In Sri Lanka! 

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