Big Harsha Ft. Lil Neo – She’s So Fat

Big Harsha Ft. Lil Neo – She’s So Fat

This video was being teased for quite a few months now and we’re glad that it’s finally out as it makes such a great watch. Big Harsha’s 3rd single is light, funny and catchy as the flu during the season and it looks like there’s quite a bit of work put in on this tune unlike his second single “Thadichchiye”.

on a separate note, its nicer to see an artist being appreciative of women on the larger side and we’re not saying this cuz he’s chubby and likes all things just that size but forever in the media’s eyes, plus sized people have always had it different from little to almost no positive exposure in the scene and even if there was any, it was more often than not portrayed negatively. Good job Harsha! we applaud you for this =)

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