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New Music : Kawdo Me ( කව්දෝ මේ ) – Dewakie ft @KaizerKaiz | Official Music Video

Done by absurda comes the debut music video by Dewakie! Titled ‘Kawdo Me’, she’s got Kaizer Kaiz on rap duties, the melody is by Harini Dias, it’s mixed & mastered

New Music : Mala Kada Kada (මල කඩ කඩ) – Dinesh Gamage X @KaizerKaiz | Official Music Video

Released a few days ago comes this all new single by Dinesh Gamage featuring rapper Kaizer Kaiz. The collaba is fun, packed with catchy sing along moments and with buncha

New Music : Hadakari Naari – Dinesh gamage / Kaizer kaiz (Official Music Video)

Fun, catchy and overall a dancefloor ready single – that’s what this all new single is by Dinesh Gamage & Kaizer Kaiz.

New Music : Run Gana (රුං ගානා) | Kochchi, Jizzy & Kaizer Kaiz ( Official Music Video )

Here’s a collaba you dont see everyday and when it land’s on the internet, it’s a vibe you need to get with! The girl group Kochchi brings in some major

New Music Incoming : Ayale (අයාලේ) – Tehan Perera x Kaizer Kaiz | New Song Trailer

Singer & performer Tehan Perera has an all new single coming up with rapper Kaizer Kaiz. and here’s your little sneak peek into ‘Ayale’.

New Music : Katu Adare (කටූ ආදරේ) – Eroshan ft Kaizer Kaiz [Official Music Video]

Released on the 28th of July comes this all new single by emerging artist – Eroshan who features rapper Kaizer Kaiz. “Katu Adare’ is produced by Yaka and comes packed

New Music : Boru Naadagam (බොරු නාඩගම්) ShafraZ ft Kaizer Kaiz

Packed with music from Chamath Sangeeth comes this all new single by ShafraZ who features rapper Kaizer Kaiz. ‘Boru Naadagam’ explores the infidelity, just slightly different.

New Music : Omari (ඔමරි) | Satheeshan Ft Kaizer | Official Music Video

Released yesterday comes this all new collaba by Satheeshan (Manike Mage Hithe fame) featuring rapper Kaizer Kaiz. Catchy, fun and a vibe on its own.

New Music : Veralu Mal “වෙරළු මල්” Dinesh Gamage Ft Kaizer Kaiz | Official Music Video

Packed with catchy lyrics and fun moves, this bubble gum pop offering by Dinesh Gamage that features rapper Kaizer Kaiz, is a vibe!

New Music : 1st Kiss (පළමු හාදුව​) – @Dilki Uresha Ft @Kaizer Kaiz (Official Music Video)

Released a few days ago and currently trending at number 27 on Youtube’s trending list is this all new single by singer Dilki Uresha. ‘1st Kiss’ features Kaizer Kaiz, the