Winners Of TNL Onstage 2014

Winners Of TNL Onstage 2014

3 things from Onstage this year that will be remembered – Nu Metal making a come back, Constellation being the only band in the entire Onstage series to have a drummer/vocalist and Constellation’s many wins. Of course there have been bands in the past that *have won upto 2 awards tops but today saw 1 band taking home the award for Best Musician (Eshantha Perera), Best Original & the competition’s coveted title – Best Band for 2014.

*citation needed, this is only thru personal observation


Congratz to all the winners

Best Solo Category – Runner Up


Best Solo Category – Winner


Best Band – Runner Up

The Revolt

Best Band – Winner


TNL SpinOff – Runner Up



TNL SpinOff – Winner



There were other awards too but we only got to capture the main ones due to space issues on our phone.

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