The YES Home Grown Top 15: The Big 2!

The YES Home Grown Top 15: The Big 2!

Its the second year of the biggest home music countdown and this edition will feature the biggest singles that went to number 1 (and 16 of them). Who will have the biggest hit of the year? Well, its only a matter of the clock striking 8 in the evening tonight, so tune in

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Arjun Hits Number 1 On The YES Home Grown Top 15

The singer/songwriter and performer hit number 1 for the first time in Lanka on The YES Home Grown Top 15 with a single off his debut album ‘Closer To Home’.

Clefolution – Anders Edenroth’s Bumblebee

Just before their big concert on Frtiday comes this amazing take of ‘Bumblebee’ by the prolific Clefolution!

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Congratz To Trinaty For A 3 Week Run

at numero uno of course! here’s to seeing another week of you on top! support Trinaty but buying her track here: