The YES Home Grown Top 15 – 19th Sep

The YES Home Grown Top 15 – 19th Sep

Missed out on Sri Lanka’s Biggest Home Music Coutndown? get with what broke and of course, the news!

New Music
David J Senn – Butterflies
‪#‎Exclusive‬ Interviews
* Deyo on his upcoming single
*Suresh from stigmata on the progress of “The Ascetic Paradox” and their new website (there IS AN Important update for you ‪#‎Saints‬)
*Lilanka from Soul Sounds Academy on the vocal group’s contribution on ‪#‎stigmata‬’s album and a little more
* Get to know Eshani Diana Jayapala
*BIG Up to DJ RD For the shoutouts from Talib Kweli & Raekwon from The Wu-Tang Clan
and Subodha from Kingdom life spoke to us about new music from the group and more!

Congratz to Julian Simonsz on his 2nd number 1 on The YES Home Grown Top 15 – “Get Home To You” IS officially the most played Home Grown single on YES101!

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