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New Music : Kelle Mage | Sihinayaki Adare movie | Official Music Video | Dinelka Muthuarachchi X Pasan Liyanage

Taken off the movie soundtrack of ‘Sihinayaki Adare’ comes this romantic, uplifting single by Dinelka Muthuarachchi & award winning producer, Pasan Liyanage.

New Music : Dhyan Hewage & Pasan Liyanage – Hithawanthi (හිතවන්තී) | Official Music Video

Romantic and packed with some amazing positive vibes comes this all new collaba by the uber talented Dhyan Hewage & award winning producer Pasan Liyanage. Titled ‘Hithawanthi’, the single is

New Music : Hada Gini | හද ගිනි (Official Music Video) – Jacqualine ft. Pasan Liyanage & Lucky Lakmina

Here’s a future dance floor anthem you can get adding to your playlists Sri Lanka! Jacqualine is back with this all new collaba that features Lucky on rap duties and

New Music : Keheralle | කෙහෙරැල්ලේ – Ashanthi x Dilo & Pasan Liyanage – Official Music Video

Last Friday saw the release of this all new power packed single by the Queen of hip hop in Lanka, Ashanthi. This fun, dancefloor anthem features Dilo on rap and

New Music : Hanguman (Remake) – Pasan Liyanage X Ranidu X Hirushi | Official Lyric Video

Released a few hours ago comes this laid back remix of the hit single ‘Hanguman’ by Pasan Liyanage, Ranidu & Hirushi. It’s the good stuff right here!

New Music : Paddapan – ADK / Shan Putha / Pasan / Krish / Lucky – Official Video

Last weekend sure saw one heck of an all new release by the multi talented ADK. He features a slew of friends, from Krish to Shan Putha, Lucky and award

New Music : Pahase “පහසේ” – Hirushi X ADK X Pasan Liyanage

Catchy and an all new sound from Hirushi’s camp is what ‘Pahase’ is. With stellar productions from Pasan Liyanage and dope Tamil rap by ADK this one is the hype

New Music : Adare (Redfox Remix) – Mariazelle Goonetilleke X Piyal Perera (Ft Pasan Liyanage & Tilan GT)

Remixed after 32 years is this classic ‘Adara’ by Mariazelle Goonetilleke & Piyal Perera. The single is remixed by Pasan Liyanage and featured Tilan GT on rap.

New Music : Chethana Ranasinghe – Waiwarna Naari feat Pasan Liyanage (Official Music Video)

Here’s an all new effort by singer Chethana Ranasinghe. With music from Pasan Liyanage, lyrics by Shehan Galahitiyawa and fun, Indian cinema inspired visuals, this is a very different offering

New Music : Hirushi x Pasan Liyanage – Sayane (Official Music Video)

Now here’s Hirushi like you’ve never heard her before. With epic productions from Pasan Liyanage, lyrics by Yashodha Adikari and amazing guitar work by Primal Liyanage, this single is a