The First Metal Gig Of The Year: Hammered In Colombo & Why Not To Make It

The First Metal Gig Of The Year: Hammered In Colombo & Why Not To Make It

Since the beginning of December, we’ve been noticing shares for this event by Hela Distributions and Promotions aka HDaP, the bands and supporters alike (you must have seen it too noh?) and while it implies a few basic bitch ideas to the common mind..this is in fact a tribute night to the gods of metal – Motorhead!


So why should you not make it?

  1. It’s the first metal gig of the year

Not to be confused with every other social event at the start of 2016, this gig will see “a everybody knows everyone” scenario filled with good music, good booze and times at The Shalika Hall (you may also thank Cargills).

shalika hall

Please, for the love of god, keep your Kardashian social skills out of here. The font alone on the poster is an indicator that people who take metal lightly are not welcome.

2. It’s a tribute to Motorhead and the first one at home.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 04: "Lemmy" (Ian Fraser Kilmister) of Motorhead performs on stage at British Summer Time Festival at Hyde Park on July 4, 2014 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

R.I.P Lemmy…Sri Lanka’s scene salutes you & your band with a fitting tribute!

3. You will get to see Karmic Sulpher!

karmic suplher

from the band’s fb page

If you were part of the metal scene in the 2000’s you would have known this band and had the privilege to see them perform the same stage with Funeral In Heaven, Fallen Grace etc and if you hadn’t, then here’s your chance to get to know them.

ALSO it’s the original line up meya! The original lineup is what you are about to witness years after the hiatus.

5. Same game, different players

Never before in the history of a metal gig have we seen different artists put together for various super group formations!

Here’s the list

– PHILTHY BASTARDS (Members from Fallen Grace, Mass Damnation, Dhishti)

– BEGGAR’S AXE (Black Metal Punk vomit from the garbage collectors association of Kandy. From disabled beggars to other disabled beggars.)

– DISPOSER (Members from Manifestator, Serpents Athirst, Genocide Shrines, Paranoid Earthling)

– KARMIC SULPHUR (…and they are BACK! Classic line up with Thushara Kulathunga on vocals and Shan Abbas behind the drum kit)

– DISPUTE (Perverted D-beat Thrash n Roll from members of Manifestator, Pariah Demise)

6. There are other bands performing too!

– PARANOID EARTHLING (Anarcho-Rock ‘n Violence by the infamous!)

PANZERKOMMAND (No filters filthy Thrash Metal brought to you by members of Serpents Athirst, Manifestator and Pariah Demise)

MENINGITIS (Death Metal brutalism ventures back to the roots of uncompromising 80’s Metal!)

WAGON PARK (A one-off performance of uncensored Rock ‘n roll by Buddhi, Milo and Fira)


Nuff said, we will see you tomorrow at 3pm…tickets are cheaper than your NYE spend so make it!

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