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New Music : D Lucii × @Xayn × Zeus – Pali Dushanaya | පාලි දූශණය | Official Lyrics Visualizer

D Lucii is an name in the rising from the mushrooming Sinhala Rap scene of Sri Lanka and here’s his all new offering that features Xayne & Zeus.

New Music : Novey X මාර හීන Maara Heena Official Music Video

Novey X is a new rapper from Sri Lanka’s Sinhala rap scene and here’s his debut music video / original titled ‘Maara Heena’.

New Music : Timbo King X Ras Ceylon X Dawit Justice – “It’s On In” – (Official Video)

Released a few weeks ago comes this all new collaba by Brooklyn’s world-renowned Wu-Tang Killa Bee, Timbo King (Royal Fam/Black Market Militia) connects with California’s Ras Ceylon and Dawit Justice

New Music : Dr.BSKing, Chakra Beatz – Man Pora Jathakaya (මං පොර ජාතකය)

Taken from the album ‘The Final Dosage’ comes ‘Man Pora Jathakaya ‘මං පොර ජාතකය’ by Dr.BSKing & Chakra Beatz.

New Music : Raveen Tharuka – Manalola (මනලෝල) Nimesh Kulasinghe | Sandesh Bandara [ Official Music Video]

Fun, light and packed with Indian elements comes this all new single by Raveen Tharuka who has been around in the scene for a little less than a year. click

New Music : One Mata (ඕනෙ මට) Dinelka Muthuarachchi X Lahiru De Costa[Official Music Video] (4K)

Light on the music with reggae elements but heavy on the lyrics is this all new single by Dinelka Muthuarachchi & Lahiru De Costa.

New Music : Smokio X Thushan – Monalisa (මොනාලිසා)Official Music Video

Fun and just a proper vibe on its on is this offering by another fairly new name from the island’s music scene – Thushan. The single features Smokio and was

New Music : Nirwindana – Franzy l Unknown Records l Official Music Video

Franzy by the looks of it is a fairly new name from the island’s hip hop & rap scene and here’s his debut original ‘Nirwindana’.

New Music : Malee (මලී) – Anjalee Bandara | Official Music Video

Indian inspired and very fun to watch & listen is this all new offering by Anjalee Bandara. Titled ‘Malee’ this is an original by the singer who is also known

New Music : aueer – apto

Producer Aueer is back with this all new single titled ‘apto’, that features the vocals of Benjamin Sweetmilk. Fun, light, and full of the good vibes, this is a must