2015 : The Rewind (Part 1)

2015 : The Rewind (Part 1)

While it hasn’t been the best year for music globally IOHO, it sure has been one heck of a brilliant year for music in Sri Lanka and to a certain extent the media as well. Here’s our take of the best releases (singles & albums), mighty collabas, artists that emerged and of course, those that made our headlines on decibel.lk

In Media 

Sindu Tv

sindu tv

The rise of Sindu Tv brought in a much needed breath of fresh air to a scene that could do with a bit more of traditional media being on its side.Hailed as Lanka’s answer to MTV, this channel fast grew and in its 6 months of taking over the interwebs, they even launched a mobile app for android to make its reach to the youth across the island a lot more accessible.

sindu tv app

This so far has been only channel that kept with the changing times too in the scene- covering the re-rising of Rock & metal to Selfie Rap and the culture it spawned and how can we forget : the incredible live coverage of big concerts in the island (notably : Maelstrom & The Ascetic Paradox Launch) while keeping in touch with the roots of Lankan music with a show called Parana Sindu.

This channel supports music in all 3 languages, as long as the artist is Lankan or has island roots.

sindu tv live

yes, they bring their gear, crew & more…here’s to seeing more of the good work Champs, Indika & team Sindu Tv!

Shaq Resigns From YES101

No one saw this coming, ever.

Yes, he got a proper send off from team yes101 in August after being with the channel for over 15 years.

the final day at yes

And just when the nation thought they would never hear that famous morning voice again as he took up duties at LIVE Events, he surprises everyone by joining his former show partner – Mark Kross on eFm’s Showgram in November.

shaq & mark 2

That’s his radio home, for now.

AWN Celebrates 5 Years 

awn gig 1

Keshan Wijesekara & Kamal Lazar have to be commended for providing a medium thru which rock & roll, metal and other non commercial genres can be listened. This was something Lanka lacked for quite a while since most mainstream radio stations don’t get the demand and need there is for such genres in the country and 2015, marked 5 years of them broadcasting locally & globally online.

They did’t have only 1 concert though, remember Maestrom from not too long ago?


The Local Spin With Damien 

For the longest time everyone felt the need for Lankan radio in general to step up his game for the home music scene cuz let’s face it there was TNL Radio & YES101 (the latter even having its own awards show for original music) and this show was a surprise to all coming from a station that hardly even played local music.

The Local spin started we believe sometime mid this year and we’re glad it had to be none other than Damien aka Anil Balasuriya (SL Hot 10 & Spinning Unrest) to host this show that runs from Monday thru Friday, 8pm onwards.

Anil B 1

Whilst playing music from the scene, the show takes on a talk show format sometimes featuring guests ranging from artists to entrepreneurs to personalities.

local spin with damien

Have we missed out on anything? Let us know =)



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