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New Music : Raasathi – Mirun Pradhap, Syed Farook & Prezanthi Shanmugavel

Packed with epic productions thats 2021 and with a very unique approach comes this all new track by Mirun Pradhap, Syed Farook & Prezanthi! ‘Raasathi’ is released thru Jaya Records.

New Music : Laga Lagatama (ලඟ ලඟටම) – Official Cover | Ayisha Shamrin

Originally by Thiwanka Dilshan Ft Shan Putha, comes this all new take by fresher Ayisha Shamrin. Click here to check out the video

New Music : Ghost Town – Ashen | Lyric Video | Ashen Sandaru

Released yesterday comes this all new single by vocalist Ashen Sandaru of Silence Of Loud fame. The melody & lyrics are by Ashen himself and the single is mixed &