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New Music : Didula Tharusara – Tharu Paya (තරු පායා) Official Audio

Released a few days ago comes this all new single by the smooth voiced Didula Tharusara. ‘Tharu Paya’ is such a chilled out, romantic mood in its own right!

New Music : Akhtar J – Family feat. Alpha Gang (Shady Spades, Kenny Wolf & Kingah KD) [Down Like That Remix]

Directed by Wagmee comes this all new collaba titled ‘Family’. Fresher Akhtar J features the Alpha Gang fam on this sick single that comes in with some serious lyrical punches!

News : IYRE | Printworks Closing Weekend x UKF On Air Now Out

Released on the 1st of June comes this piece of history! IYRE is the first Dj & Producer from Sri Lanka to have played at the legendary Printworks UK before

Arnon Ray Pereira Stays At Number 1 For A Second Week!

It’s no secret that this single is Sri Lanka’s all new favorite and that’s why spends its second week on the YES Home Grown Top 15! Here’s the countdown &

Mihindu Ariyaratne – Athaharena (Official Lyric Video)

After the release of his wildly popular ‘Yathrikaya’ comes this follow up, which is a complete detour from his signature heavy guitar driven single. Nothing short of a brilliant listen,

Dj Kush Ft Shenal : Tha Naam 2K17

After a tiny hiatus, Dj Kush is back with this single which is a collaboration between him and Shenal (funky dirt). The version below is only a demo, as for

Decibel Exclusive : Moments From The Chris Cornell Tribute Show

Last Friday saw a bunch of die hard Chris Cornell fans gather at the One O Six (Bernanrd’s) for a tribute gig unlike Colombo has ever seen. We missed out

Shehara & Sam : I Will Survive (cover)

here’s one of those unusual takes of every girls ‘go to after breakup classic’

TNL Onstage : Its That Time Of The Year Again!

For Season 16, looks like they are really branching out to accommodate different genres which we think is pretty cool.Unlike the last 15 seasons, there’s quite a few changes..read on

Dasa : Citadel

This debut single by 18 year old Royalist Nisal Jinadasa aka Dasa, sure makes for some impressive listening material..a trained violinist and now producer, he is influenced by Sri Lanka’s very