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Dj Krunk’s Debut Podcast Is Out!

Virally Krunked! as it turns out is going to be a weekly release from the newest addition to E.D.M. City’s family of Dj’s+Producers..packed with high energy trance and progressive, this

New Music : Shan Vincent de Paul & TiKA – Hard Times (Prod La+ch)

Released thru Maajja comes another all new release by the prolific Shan Vincent de Paul, this time around with artist TiKA. It’s a positive, uplifting effort from his usual fire

New Music : Sihinayak – Nadeeka Jayawardane/ Blue Night – MLTR (Cover by Footprints On The Moon ft Adish)

Footprints On The Moon is a name you would have seen being shared on insta & fb and wondered what the deal was about. Its official, they are a band