Rajinishake By Ragha Ft Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Jaynesh & Ganesh

Rajinishake By Ragha Ft Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Jaynesh & Ganesh

we’re glad our very own ADK got to be a part of what is poised to be another killer track! we’ve heard a preview and think that when it comes out with all that stellar choreography it will be something this part of Asia has been waiting for a very long time, us and of course India.


If you’re in Singapore, make sure to make a pitstop and be a part of the celebrations on that superstar’s cake day!



Fact: This is Dinesh’s second track thats worked on by Producer Pasan Liyanage, the first one was the remix of “Surangani”


Btw we don’t know what a Rajinishake would be like but we’re guessing this might be of some help 😛

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