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New Music : Run Gana (රුං ගානා) | Kochchi, Jizzy & Kaizer Kaiz ( Official Music Video )

Here’s a collaba you dont see everyday and when it land’s on the internet, it’s a vibe you need to get with! The girl group Kochchi brings in some major

New Music : Aseema Alaye – අසීමා ආලයේ By Amila Sandaruwan /Niranjala Manjarie

Here’s a collaba you dont hear / see everyday but when you do it’s the good stuff by Amila Sandaruwan & a name we haven’t heard too much of, Niranjala

New Music : RuMusic | Payana Hiru Nisa (Official Music video)

Ru of YES Superstar and The Redeemers fame has released her all new original in Sinhala! ‘Payana Hiru Nisa’ is fun, reggae, light and made for the good times.

New Music : SKIRO – Andakaraya Dige (අන්ධකාරය දිගේ) Ft Uzi Senadeera & Dula Boii [Official Music Video]

Released on Tuesday the 6th comes an all new release by a fresh name from the island’s growing Sinhala rap scene. ‘Andakaraya Dige’ is Skiro’s newest and features heavy weight

New Music : Film Songs Medley by Kochchi

‘Aatha Paawela’, ‘Sudu Andumin’ ,’Asai Man Piyabanna’, ‘Hello Hello’, ‘Salli Pokuru’ & ‘Mal Kalamba Langa’ has never sounded this good & mashup before! The all female group Kochchi takes the

New Music : Dem Da Diamonn – Even If The Whole World Comes Down

Straight from the heart and packed with upliftment, this is a must check out by the rapper, Dem Da Diamonn.

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Decibel XMas Picks: #1 – Something More By Street Light Mist

And its that time of the year again where people bring out all things festive and here’s our way of adding to the spirit of the season.  Our first xmas pick

Info Sessions With Black Madonna

Here’s all you need to know But that’s not where it ends, catch Black Madonna play on these dates

Happy Cake Day To Awesome December Names

Name day greets to Sithija Dilshan (drummer Nevi’im. ex Nemesis), Pubudu Jayalath aka Husky J (rapper) and belated birthday greets to Hemaka Wijeratne aka Yaka (producer / dj. 6th Dec),