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More Awesome Electronica Is On The Way

this time around by a new project called The Maki Brothers (we’re assuming it’s the Makalanda brothers..Shyamal &Shamika)..their debut “Injected Dreams” does sound promising and you can check the teaser

Concert : KEN JAXX at Neverland Sri Lanka – The Virtual Festival | 03.03.2021

The second act of the Neverland Virtual Festival is here! Check out this power packed set by another fresher from the scene – Ken Jaxx! Not familiar with this awesome

Dashmi, Panchala & Sanjeewa : Despacito (The Sri Lankan Mashup)

Released a few days ago, this mashup by Panchala & Sanjeewa (ex Sahashra) and fresher Dashmi sure is an amazing mashup of quite a few tunes including Tamil, Sinhala, English