New Music : Nikhil – On The Mend (Official Lyric Video)

New Music : Nikhil – On The Mend (Official Lyric Video)

Released on Sunday comes this all new single by singer & songwriter Nikhil and this single, like the last few releasers doesnt disappoint! The single, according to Nikhil is about letting go. Letting go of…anger, resentment, disappointment. It’s a song to all the vultures, to those who drain your energy and live only to take advantage of you, to those who smile at your face and talk shit behind your back. To the wolves in sheep’s clothing. To you I say, goodbye and good riddance! (source Youtube description)
‘On The Mend’ is written, arranged and performed by Nikhil D’ Almeida, who is also responisble for the production along with Nishan Daniel and Denham Hakel. The mix is by Denham Hakel (Sooriya Village, Sri Lanka and the single is mastered by Fred Miller (Copenhagen, Denmark). The video is created by Mavintha Perera, and the cover art is edited by Ash Lanthra.

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