Kaizer Kaiz Has A New Single In The Works

Kaizer Kaiz Has A New Single In The Works

This is an interesting announcement for a change as we always see him being featured, we caught up with Kandy born Kaizer Kaiz and spoke to him about a few things before this track drops

YY: You’ve been rapping for quite sometime..how would you describe your style?

Kaizer: I don’t have or stick to one style, I could rap for anything I feel like, love, funny stuff anything gangsta or anything really.

YY: Tell us about your new single

Kaizer: It’s a story I’m telling thru my perspective about a player and innocent girl, most rappers rap about being gangsta but I thought of doin something different. Neo (of Happy Birthday fame) produced a very sexy sounding track and i wrote some pretty slick rhymes for it. We’re pretty much done with mixing and mastering & would be filming the video by around next week.

YY: As a fellow rapper in the scene, what are your thoughts on The Drill Team & Durty 4 Four feud?

Kaizer: I don’t like rappers fighting.I like it when juniors give a lil bit of respect for seniors of the scene you know and I say defeat your enemies with success.

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