Jonathan George On “An Imperfection” Movie Score & More

Jonathan George On “An Imperfection” Movie Score & More

An Imperfection : directed by Rasanga Weerasinghe

We speak to Jonathan George (Streetlight Mist) for an insider’s scoop on the movie’s soundtrack and a tad more…read on!


DecibelLK: This is the first time street light mist it really a Kandy based group got a chance to contribute to a score,  How do you feel?

Jonathan: We are honored to be a part of this. To tell you the truth, it has always been my (Jonathan’s) dream to work on film music, so much so that the first few demos I gave Sean to check out way back in 2005/2006 were tracks which were more in the lines of film music. At first, when Rasanga asked us we weren’t sure as to how we were going to handle a project of this magnitude, since we had never been involved in anything like this before but there’s always a first time for everything so we were like “challenge accepted”.

DecibelLK: Would you like to describe some of the compositions?

Jonathan: Most of the compositions give out a certain underlying ambience expressed throughout the movie, starting from the opening credits working its way up to the final second of the last scene. The OST takes a different turn, where it breaks away from the general tonality of the score, and is something a bit different to what we’ve done before. Talking about the OST, we had Steffan Sansoni (Sean’s brother) and Chrishain Jayalath help out with the backing vocals and Nishan Daniel to swoop in for the mixing and mastering. In the case of background music it is all about complementing the emotions and adding that pinch of salt to the scene so we had to make sure to not saturate the scene but rather let the music enhance the mood.

DecibelLK: Could you give us bits and deets of the movie?

Jonathan: We are not entirely sure as to where to draw the line with regard to the extent of details we can give out but here’s an excerpt from the movie’s Facebook page:

“A young woman begins dating after a life-changing journey and she instantly connects with a man. Their bliss is cut short when the couple are attacked by a vicious gang, and their imperfections are revealed.”

The title speaks for itself. The movie is blunt, straightforward and not sugar-coated.

DecibelLK: Would there be any songs from yoru group’s debut album?

Jonathan: Yes… and it includes one of our top singles.

DecibelLK: What was the working process like?

Jonathan: It was surprisingly less tedious than we thought, and to be honest, we enjoyed every second of it! Rasanga gave his input on how he wanted the scenes to flow and what he felt would be best so we worked around that. This is a completely different ball game to composing a song since you are dealing with a visual aspect, which, in a way, is easier to comprehend and see what needs to be done. With Rasanga being in Canada, Sean being in Australia and me (Jonathan) being in Sri Lanka, it was the age old enemy of Street Light Mist back in the forefront… Yes, the time zones! Let’s say we didn’t let that get the better of us.

DecibelLK: And finally, anything you like to tell us?

Jonathan: All in all, the journey was amazing. This is indeed a milestone for Street Light Mist. A big thank you to Rasanga for giving us this opportunity and placing his confidence in us to handle the entire film score when we ourselves were not sure if we would be able to pull this off.

Want details on the movie? Click here FB Event Page

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