Happy Cake Day To December 4th Names

Happy Cake Day To December 4th Names

And there’s quite a few of them too!

Sheaam Deen (Singer.vocalist for Mintaka), Nathan Eardly (Singer.TNL Onstage Winner/Solo Category.2013), Chrishane Jayalath (Singer.Adagio Chorale), Thushan Kavinda Perera (Photographer.Thushan Kavinda Photography), Hiranya Rahul (Dj.TNL Onstage Spinoff Winner 2014), Kirk Michael (singer) & Charana Widuranga (Photographer.Charaa Photography) – have the best year ever from us here at team yazminyousuf.lk


photo credits: Xtream Youth (nathan), Hashan Gunasekara Photography (chrishane), LetMeKnow.lk (hiranya)

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we don’t know the photographer responsible for Sheaam, Thushan & Charana’s click but would love to credit you for your work, get in touch with us thru the contact page and we’ll do the necessary.


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