Happy Cake Day To A Ton Of Feb Names

Happy Cake Day To A Ton Of Feb Names

Awesome cake day to Asith Pussewela (Amadeus/White Living Grave/Hopeless Poet), Ryan Abrecea (One Of The Few Philliphino Supporters Of The Home Music Scene/Senior Awesome Person @ YES101), Sidath Samarasinghe (Founder Of Mercurial (Kandy) & Ancient Curse), Steffan Sansoni (Guitarist/Singer), Durty Killa Amila (Sinhala Rapper/44 Kalliya) & belated bday greets to Ken Lappen (frontman/GarunDa)..Have the best year ever from team yazminyousuf.lk


photo credits: Yohan Siriwardena (Asith), Aki Peiris (Ryan), Bakeera (Sidath) and LetMeKnow.lk (ken lappen)

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