Happy Cake Day December 28th & 29th Names

Happy Cake Day December 28th & 29th Names

Happy Cake Day To Chrisantha de Silva (vocalist ex Amadeus/Hopeless Poet, Salvage, TNL Onstage Solo Category Winner 2007), Ramzi Cassim (Programmes Director-YES101, Sri Lanka’s Number 1 For Home Grown Music), Sajith Mahaarachchi (vocalist.Adagio Chorale) and belated bday greets to Achala Abayaratne aka Mr. A (Producer.Dj) & Mr. Ranga Dasanayake (Senior Producer In The Scene.Hit Factory Owner) – to you all from team yazminyousuf.lk, nothing but the very best for an awesome 2014!


photo credits: WHITE CODE (cc), 3rd Photography (ramzi) & Loshaan Bastian for Alternative Sunday (sajith)

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