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AJ Silva almost at 4,000,000 views

not bad for a guy who got on youtube only about 2 years ago and hasn’t had any radio exposure in SL! much here’s hoping you reach that mark!

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TNL Spinoff Afterparty (28th August)

now here’s a party we’d like to see happen every weekend cuz of the fantastic line-up DJ Rami Electro Mechanic Type B & Alexxo but TNL Y U HAVE IT ON

Unmadini Hanguna – “උන්මාදිනී හැංගුණා” cover by Awesome Dabala (Duo)

Shameen Fernando and Suranga Perera aka the Awesome Dabala sure know how to take on songs and own them. Here’s their newest take, a BnS classic ‘Unmadini Hanguna’.