Decibel Exclusive: The Colombo House Mafia & The Line Up For This Friday’s Biggest!

Decibel Exclusive: The Colombo House Mafia & The Line Up For This Friday’s Biggest!

The Colombo House Mafia have been around for a really long time and have played a role in bringing quality electronic music to audiences who were about the music movement that was fairly new to home (thru YES101 & events).  They are also responsible for organizing killer events that saw headliners Thomas Gold, Jerry Ropero, Da Fresh and Gordon Edge just to name a few and even played a major role in bringing down Ministry Of Sound in the mid 2000’s.


Though active from 2009-2012 , they took a break from events and focused solely on the radio show. Now that they are back, this event that headlines STIV Hey is the first of many in the future, this one though is a collaboration with YES101’s CLUB One.

We caught up with them and the rest of the line up before that BIG Friday gig.

van luup


DecibelLK: You’ve been travelling and playing quite a bit in India..what’s that experience like?

Van Luup: The experience has been amazing !! Learned so much about music, food, culture and made so many new friends; The month of April has been really good as I played in Goa, Hyderabad (India) and Beirut (Lebanon).

DecibelLK: You’ve been synonymous with tech & deep house, would you be changing up your genres on the mix for this gig?

Van Luup: My personal favorite is Tech House, I might drop a few groovy techno tracks in-between according to the mood.

DecibelLK: Is it true that Booka Booka returns this year and if so, deets!

Van Luup: Yes, We got a big surprise in store. All info will be out very soon with the local and international line up.

This one will be huge!!!

DecibelLK: What is your take of the mushrooming techno scene at home?

Van Luup: It took lot of hard work by us to bring this kind of sound, to this part of the world. Now that it’s thriving, I feel that Techno will be here for a very long time and obviously will be the same around the world as well.


DecibelLK: As a senior figure in the scene, what are some of your predictions for the dance music scene this year?

Shiyam: We are all influenced by many years of electronic dance music, I can’t really predict where the scene is going at the moment, but what I do noticed is that things are speeding up, day by day.

DecibelLK: Some names you are digging from the home music scene this year?

Shiyam: A – jay & Thilan, These two chaps have some rare elements on their new productions so I’m thinking to play some of their originals at this event

DecibelLK: What are you bringing to your set at the gig?

Shiyam: Mostly Tech house & lots of promo releases

Ashlin Upul

DecibelLK: How excited are you to be playing for this gig and what are you bringing to the set?

Ashlin: I am excited as it’s a good event to be a part of and im very much looking forward to it! I play mostly deep & tech house, I will be dropping some new tunes.

DecibelLK: What’s with the name change (from DJ Upul)?

Ashlin: Ashlin is my third name, I wanted a stage name for a change, hence.

DecibelLK: Would you consider producing your own material someday?

Ashlin: I am planning my website first, after that, yes.



DecibelLK: What is your take on the growing techno scene at home?

Rachith: Techno is making a large impact on the local underground scene in Sri Lanka. It exploded recently and there is this great energy on the dance floor every time you bring in a good record.

Lots of fans seems to be enjoying the sound a lot, It´s magical and full of energy.

DecibelLK: 2016 is poised to be another interesting year for you, do spill on the gigs etc

Rachith: This year, I’m planning to focus more on my radio show ‘Rebirth Radio’ ,to bring in great sounds each week & also have some good gigs coming up & working on few tours as well.

DecibelLK: What are you bringing to your set at this gig?

Rachith: What I always do is, I will have a folder with some of the best tracks I’ve liked in the recent few weeks & then I will check on rekordbox which works well together. So if you’ve seen me playing recently, I’ve been bringing in my new sound each time and its working pretty well on the dance floor at the moment.


DecibelLK: You’ve rightfully earned your title as one of the biggest local names for progressive house & techno (among maybe a few other genres) what are you listening to these days and would you be bringing them to your set at the gig?

Jayy Vibes:  Well as you rightfully mentioned my main interest is progressive house music, so my set will consist of some of the latest from that genre which will take the crowd to the next level.

DecibelLK: Got plans for the 200th edition of ‘Underground Therapy”?

Jayy Vibes:  Yes, but before the 200th episode there will be a surprise for all my fans… let’s keep a secret for now shall we ^_^.

DecibelLK: Who are some of the names you are digging from the local scene?

Jayy Vibes:  Well, there are many new talented individuals coming up in SL now, however my interest is still at where it all began, the “international scene”.


DecibelLK: This is one of the fewer times Sri Lanka will be seeing you spin, how have your previous experiences been and also what are you bringing to the set?

Rakee: This will be the third time I’ll be playing in Sri Lanka.

The first time was back in 2010 and since then I saw lot of people getting into house music and more and more brilliant international artists from all around the world performing in Sri Lanka and I personally think you guys should take credit for organizing such an amazing events. In terms of music, I’m more like a progressive house guy but at this special event I’ll be bringing the Tech house side of me.

DecibelLK: You recently have a hit called “You’ on the yes home grown top 15, what’s next for you in terms of original music?

Rakee: Still working on some tracks and it will be out really soon.

DecibelLK: One gig almost here, what’s next for you the Dj & Producer?

Rakee: My plan is to lock myself down in the studio and make more music, as much as possible really and I will keep you guys updated about my next gig really soon.

Support this stellar home lineup at THAT BIG gig on Friday, Click here for details



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