Decibel Exclusive : Dr. Milinda Salpitikorala

Decibel Exclusive : Dr. Milinda Salpitikorala

Dr. Milinda is no stranger to the home metal scene, being the ex manager of metal band Fallen Grace, the brains behind one of the most creative t–shirt brands in CMB : SKZIN and of course being the awesome doctor that he is…we had to catch up with him cuz hey, its about time =) 

DecibelLk: What Have You Been Upto Doc?

DecibelLk: Anything Else You’ve Been Upto?

DecibelLk: About Your Latest Design Drop?

DecibelLk: You Have Designed For Bands Too Yes?

DecibelLk: Would There Be Any Holiday Deals?

DecibelLk: What Is Your Art Inspired By, For Those Who Dont Know

DecibelLk: How Long Does It Take You To Finish A Piece?

DecibelLk: Whats The Most Intricate Design To Date?

DecibelLk: Your Favorite To Date?

DecibelLK: What’s It Like Being A Doc & A Metalhead?

DecibelLk: Would You Consider Managing A Band Again?

DecibelLk: Who Are You Listening To These Days?

Here’s the single in case you didnt know

DecibelLk: Can Anyone Come To You After A Gig With Medical Issues?

Want To Know More About SKZIN? Click here

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