Decibel Exclusive : BIG Harsha

Decibel Exclusive : BIG Harsha

Sinhala Rapper Big Harsha is back after a hiatus and July this year saw the release of his newest single “Diske Disska’ and we caught up with him for a chat on the single and more!

image : his fb fan page

DB: About ‘Diske Disska’

Big Harsha: ‘Diske Disska is a diss! A diss track made especially for fake people and wannabes. I received a call by a person who claimed to be an underworld gangster and according to his details, he works under a politician! A real gangster would never call or neither speak, he did though ? and he kept dropping some names which I don’t think is appropriate to drop here but I have mentioned all of them indirectly, and I know for a fact that they know who I’m talking about! “Dannawanam banne katada kiyala enna epa mage maraneta” a line from Diske Disska, so yes that’s about the song!

DB: Your are back after a hiatus, why the break?

Big Harsha: I went through some major issues. Some work and some personal as well, hence thought of having a break for a while and I think it was for the best!

image : The LWA fan page

DB: What’s the future of L.W.A?

Big Harsha: Already our name, L.W.A. is shining among the Top Rap crews in the island! The future will see us ranking one! That’s a promise I’ll give to all our brothers and sisters out there as the captain of my ship!

DB: What are you aiming for next?

Big Harsha: Our Main target as a team is to finish off our new project, which we have titled “L.W.A. UNDERGROUND”, where all our Rappers would get a chance to act solo proving that they have the passion for hip hop!! Freaky MobBig is our official Producer, while NEO helps us with his mixing and mastering knowledge! Speaking Of NEO, we are a team ourselves apart from L.W.A. and NeoNavy.

We will be releasing some of our own to expose our images – Biggie N NEO & the Big Game will be dropped real soon. Most probably in December…it’s a surprise! So until that we are working with a target! So keep in touch by subscribing to our pages.

DB: Is it true that some guy from Galle called and gave you a death threat?

Big Harsha: Yes it’s very much true and I am soo disappointed, because we have watched documentary videos & youtube clips of our legends overseas and read articles…we’ve been following them & studying them.. To be honest we are still studying about new ones and some old ones too! If you do G music, what you should know is – they never call nobody & they never threatened nobody over a phone call! They take action individually or with their team, that’s how we roll too. Now with Sri Lankan G music, could you show me a real Gangster coz I can’t!! “We” have bonded with culture and we fight for religious issues? Why all these fake acts? Even our president doesn’t act straight!! This is the main issue with our country!!

Why can’t we be real without being fake? I believe that someday when I reach upstairs to visit my creator, I might be still be living among the people as a legend!! As we still respect the legends Tupac And Biggie.. peace. Um out

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