Asela Perera – Coraline : A Homage To Jon Foreman

Asela Perera – Coraline : A Homage To Jon Foreman

If Asela Perera were a bottle of wine, we’d let him stay in a very special place in our house, forever.


If you haven’t gotten why, we’d suggest a quick listen of his past material and his brilliant debut album ‘These Years’ ….that aside,  This 2 track homage to one of his biggest inspirations called The ‘Coraline Project’ is nothing short of pure singer/songwriter brilliance he is know for.

Why the homage to Jon Foreman?

I was first inspired to write and put thoughts into melody by Swichfoot and Jon Foreman. To this day they are a constant in my life and a steadfast source of comfort during dark times.

Soon after the recording of the “Coraline Project” , being an avid follower of Jon’s music and a huge fan of his work, I discovered his solo venture named The Wonderlands and furthermore a song penned by him of the name Caroline. Curiosity led me to give it a listen upon which realization struck on the identical nature of certain lyrics and melodic content between Caroline and Coraline. Is your mind in a headspin? So was mine.


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