News : Dubai Gets To See Some Of Our Island’s Finest This October!

It’s official, some of our island’s very own awesome underground Djs & Producers will be taking stage at ‘Desert In Me’. Expect killer sets by Shiyam, A-Jay, Ultra and more!

New Music : Mudriq – Ma Dutuwa

2022 has been a good year for fresher Mudriq who has been putting out nothing but stellar Tamil and Sinhala singles this year. Here’s his newest, which is laid back,

New Music : Shyalina – Fall Apart

Here’s an all new name from the island’s music scene you need to get discovering Sri Lanka! Shyalina released her debut single ‘Fall Apart’ and it sure is a brilliant

New Music : Crazy – Gnarls Barkley (Stratovox Orchestral House Remix)

Now here’s a take you don’t get to hear everyday! Here’s Stratovox’s giving a brand new lease of life to the hit single from the 2000’s – ‘Crazy’ with a

News : Rakitha From Naadro Is On A Project With Sir A.R. Rahman!

According to Rakitha Wickramaratne who is one of our island’s celebrated percussionists, this is his first project with the music legend Sir A.R. Rahman himself and that first project happens

New Music : Ras Ceylon & Prodigal Sunn “Rebel on the Roof” (Official Video)

The 30th of September saw an all new hip hop collaba out by the prolific Ras Ceylon. The single features Prodigal Sunn and is such an anthem on its own

New Music : Costa x Tikx Kooda – Paavi Ahase Tharuwak (පාවී අහසෙ තරුවක්) – Episode 08

Released on the 1st of October comes this all new release in the on going video / web series by rapper Costa, this time around featuring a rising name from

New Music : More Sugar – Placeholder

The More Sugar band fronted by Nandun is back with their all new second original titled ‘Placeholder’. Laid back unlike their first single, this is packed with some serious emotion