New Music : Sinhayo Thamai | සිංහයෝ තමයි | Official Music Video

Here’s another T20 song made for this all new season! This monster collaba has Funky Dirt, Krish Manoj, Tashni Perera & Adithya Weliwatta featuring Teena Shanell & Sanjana Gamarachchi. It’s

New Music : Sri Lanka Sri Lanka (ශ්‍රී ලංකා ශ්‍රී ලංකා) | T20 World Cup Song

Sri Lanka Cricket has an all new official anthem in time for the T20 season! This fun and super catchy T20 song is by Lanthra Perera and Kavishka Dombawela aka

New Music : JJ Twins – All I Want Is You This Christmas (Music Video)

The first song for the season is here and its by the JJ Twins. Cutesty and just season ready, this is a must add to your season playlist even though

New Music : Costa x Maliya – Jackson Michael – Episode 09

Released on Friday comes this all new collaba by rapper Costa featuring another prominent rapper, Maliya. Taken off his highly anticipated album ‘Paavi Paavi 3’, this one is beyond a

New Music Alert : Sauce – Apzi ft Adeesha Beats (Official trailer)

It’s official! The sneak peek for rapper Apzi’s upcoming video is here and it’s rendered us super excited! While no release date has been mentioned, we highly recommend subscribing.

New Music : Yaluwe (යාළුවේ) | De Silva Brothers | eTunes

Fun, and packed with a pretty strong message is this all new single by The De Silva Brothers who are names to be watching out for the island’s music scene!

New Music : Kelwiz – Rahath Wela Na (රහත් වෙලා නෑ) – Official Music Video

Rapper Kelwiz is back with an all new fire! Titled ‘Rahath Wela Na’, this single sees him spit some serious life stuff and at the time of this post, the

New Music : Yohan Perera x Shanaya Nonis : A Million Dreams – The Greatest Showman Cover

It’s not everyday that you get to hear a take of ‘A Million Dreams’ but when you do, its bound to be usually this good! Here’s Yohan Perera featuring his

New Music : Hadha Mandire | හද මන්දිරේ – GAYYA (Official Music Video)

Magical, real and packed with some amazing feels comes this all new single by Gayya. ‘Hadha Mandire’ is nothing short of brilliance you dont get to see & hear everyday

New Music : Andre Gazolla & Doksu – Rebirth (Teklix Remix)

Released a few days ago comes this all new remix of Andre Gazolla & Doksu’s single ‘Rebirth’. Released thru Revolt Music, this remix is such a classic dancefloor offering!