New Music : Teklix – Alchemist (Original Mix) Preview

Here’s a sneak peek into that massive sound Producer & Dj Teklix is bringing to sound systems everywhere! Released thru Outta Limits Recordings, ‘Alchemist’ is a Beatport exclusive so get

New Music : Lifehouse – You & Me (Acoustic Cover by Ravin Ratnam)

Here’s an acoustic take of a single any kid from the 2000’s would know instantly! Here’s ‘You & Me’ covered by the very cool Ravin Ratnam.

New Music : Aesop Sav – Half Moon Beach

Aesop Sav is a fresh name Lanka needs to get catching up with! Known for his YES Home Grown Top 15 hit ‘Ricky Bobby’, the rapper is back with this

New Music : Costa x DKM – Ice (අයිස්) – Episode 06

This weekend sure has been packed with more than its share of hit releases and ‘Ice’ by Costa, featuring DKM slays! The follow up to ‘Insomnia’, sure comes packed with

New Music : RapZilla LKM – Ganatha Hedila

Fun, catchy and packed with moments comes this all new single by rapper RapZilla LKM. ‘Ganatha Hedila’ is a lot more mainstream than his previous hits but is worth checking

New Music : Kelwiz – Papochcharanaya (පාපොච්චාරණය) – (Official Music Video)

Here’s another August release that’s a must check out from Kelwiz. Rapping his own & universal truth, ‘Papochcharanaya’ is a reflective and very personal release.

New Music : MasterD – Gon Rajune “ගොන් රජුුුනේ” Official Music Video

Here’s a single we missed out on but it’s never too late to be bringing it to your attention! Rapper Master D brings in some pretty fresh & catchy beats

New Music : Yuki Navaratne & Ravi Jay – Manali ( මනාලි ) | Official Lyric Video

Released on Sunday comes this all new single by Yuki Navarathne & Ravi Jay that’s very different to what they are known for. Upbeat, fun and flirty, ‘Manali’ is a

New Music : Africana – Official Lyrics Video | Buddhi Warnakula | Ken Lappen | Chamath Nalaka

It’s not everyday that you get to hear a fun single packed with African music elements, but when you do, you know its gonna be a good one! Here’s ‘Africana’