New Music : Body 2 Body – DJ Katch × DJ Mass Feat Apzi & Romaine Willis [Official Music Video]

Released on Friday comes Senter Records first international collaba! It’s platinum selling artist Dj Katch, with Dj Mass featuring Romaine Willis and rapper Apzi. ‘Body 2 Body’ is a catchy,

New Music : Power To The People! අරගලයට ජය වේවා! (SPLIT EP) – Agni ‘N Resonance

Released a few days ago comes this all new ep by artists Agni & Resonance. According to Agni’s insta, the songs on the ep are dedicated towards the daring citizens

New Music : SL SNAKE – USA 6 උස හයයි Ft The Tedy official Sinhala Rap Music Video

The 9th of September saw this all new release by a fresh name from the island’s mushrooming rap scene. SL Snake features vocalist, The Tedy on ‘USA 6’.

New Music : Encender – D.V (Domestic Violence)

Metal band Encender is back after a hiatus with an all new single titled D.V (dometic violence). The single is taken off their upcoming ep ‘The Human Epiphany’ which is

New Music : “Smoke Some Weed මචංලා” aka Mary Jane – Killah Pain | Official Music Video

Trending at number 19 on Youtube at the time of this post, is this all new music video by a fresh name from the scene – Killah Pain. An ode

New Music : Lost Monkey – Creep

‘Creep’ by radiohead just got an all new take and it’s by a fresh name from the island’s music scene – Lost Monkey. See how you dig this stripped down

New Music : Babylon by David Gray (Cover by Ravin Ratnam)

It’s not everyday that you get to hear a stripped down of a favorite from the 2000’s but when you do, it’s gotta be as good as this take by

News : Dilan Jay Stays At Number 1 For 2 Weeks!

Looks like its nothing but good vibes that’s really keeping Dilan Jay’s newest, an anthem for the weekend on top the YES Home Grown Top 15. ‘Glad I Came Out

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La Foresta Exclusive

Sri Lanka has seen its share of amazing gig series, from Booka Booka to Underground Therapy and in 2022 – La Foresta! From it’s inception early this year till event

New Music : Sunil Ayye – Gypsies ft @Marians @Infinity ​@Taxi Entertainment @C Plus Band @HOT CHOCOLATE Band

Remembering the late Mr. Sunil Perera in song are the Gypsies, Marians, Infinity, Taxi, The C Plus and The Hot Chocolate Band with ‘Sunil Ayye’. A fitting tribute packed with